Dark Holes in the World

Our adventurers have seen much in their time, together and apart: ranging the forests and mountains around the twin city of Ratheradir, healing elven refugees in the Feywild, fighting sand-breathing dragons in the middle of a burning desert, warring with the possessing force of a powerful Fey fire elemental, and studying forgotten methods of merging arcane wizardry with the Eladrin blade. Yet to understand why they have been brought together, you need to know two things: the gods they serve, and where the adventure started… a quiet coastal town, an abandoned village, and a black orb, shimmering with unlife, animating the corpses of the hapless villagers around it. Wherever they have gone, whatever they have done, no matter what their hopes or decisions, these players discover slowly-growing portals to the worst parts of the Shadowfell… and at their core, unerringly, a symbol of Vecna.

What power could the Lich Lord of Secrets be exerting? Why have Bahamut, Corellon, Melora, and the Raven Queen so patiently guided these adventurers onward? Is the destiny of these five wanderers their own, or are their fates inexorably intertwined with that of Vecna and his Dark Holes in the World?


Bluebooks Summary

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Current Party Members:

  • Bright Tinderwood, Tiefling ranger, and his hawk companion Dagger who has taught him how to fight
  • Chaedi Tinderwood, Elf cleric of Melora, partial pacifist and compassionate healer
  • Lo-Kag, stoneblessed Goliath warden, member of the Circle of the Dark Wing
  • Riii, Eladrin warlock, feytouched by a powerful fire elemental
  • Tayschrenn, Eladrin wizard, youthful graduate of the Spring Court’s Spiral Tower

Dark Holes in the World

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