Dark Holes in the World

Session 4: Battle for Respect of the Fey

In Which the Party Enters the Arena

The platform sinks down, the horn blows, and the party begins positioning themselves for combat.

Lo-Kag uses his Branchrunners to scale a 70-foot platform and procure six glass orbs filled with a strange red liquid, warm to the touch. Meanwhile, Bright and Dagger work together to spot a fire trap nearby and note the direction the opposing team is coming from — the left. The group positions themselves, and then…

Bremaith gets the first attack off — a chunk of brimstone hurled against Riii’s chest — and everything begins to get chaotic. Thaedric is nowhere to be found, Shakhalan is trying to flank around the right side, and RImenose hangs back. Fifid blasts Dagger with icy wind, and then…

Riii uses her powers to muddle Fifid’s mind, drawing her violently down into Bremaith’s flames. She’s a bit too high for Bright to reach, but his flurry of diving and wheeling attacks scores at least one hit against Bremaith, disabling its aura of flames with his Aura-Killer dagger.

As Lo-Kag rushes in to deal the finishing blow to Fifid, Rimenose approaches and exhales a blast of petrifying poison. The party resists, all except Bright – despite Chaedi’s efforts to help, he is turned into a statue, still staring at the point where Dagger was helping him flank. Meanwhile, Tayschrenn senses a wind of bad luck coming down upon them and, with the help of his Spiral Tower training, unmakes the invisible Thaedric’s attack so that it never happened to anyone, sparing them these ill winds. Elated, Rimenose turns toward Tayschrenn and charges him, but Tayschrenn throws up an invisible shield that holds Rimenose’s lowered horns back.

With a bellow, Lo-Kag takes on a new Warden form – a form that renders him as large as the distant mountain, yet still an eight-foot goliath, and that confuses the mind. Charging in, Lo-Kag entraps Fifid, Shakhalan, Bremaith, and possibly the invisible Thaedric, shrouding the area in undergrowth with each new strike. Between disorienting his foes and entangling them in plants, Lo-Kag becomes the epicentre of the battle. He dispatches Fifid, but not before her rain of arrows assaults Riii.

As Bright is locked into a stone form, Chaedi funnels her rage into the earth, which suddenly glows bright white, blinding the party’s enemies and imbuing their attacks with damaging light. Dagger screeches in rage as well, scratching at Bremaith with her talons with a new, fearsome viciousness. Lo-Kag is the one to defeat Bremaith with a blow that crushes him against one of the pillars.

With the thankful support of Chaedi’s healing powers, Tayschrenn summons an icy hand that imprisons Rimenose within its grasp. Shakhalan attacks Dagger unexpectedly, but Chaedi ensures that Bright’s companion stays alive and in fighting spirit. Riii’s summoned blast of fire and smoke is what finally finishes off both Shakhalan and Rimenose, and then only Thaedric is left.

He turns out to be a challenge. Thaedric is invisible, and he drives the party to attack each other through trickery, causing Lo-Kag to bludgeon both Dagger and Tayschrenn, and Dagger to return the blows. Desperately, the party searches for him. Lo-Kag invites a response through his taunting, and after Riii identifies the red globes as alchemist’s fire, they hurl them at Thaedric’s area, hoping to reveal his form. The first globe misses, though, and the second one falls at Riii’s feet, enveloping her in fire and blasting Chaedi through the air.

It is Dagger who uses her keen eyes to spot Thaedric, and who dive-bombs him, raking his throat with her talons. He becomes invisible once more and teleports away, but thanks to Tayschrenn’s imp cackling, Dagger pinpoints him again and swoops down on him, pinning him down for long enough for first Riii, then Lo-Kag to hit him. Lo-Kag’s hammer sweeps through the air like an embodiment of retribution, sweeping Thaedric off his feet with a sickening crunch, slamming him into a wall fifteen feet away, and dropping him onto a thicket of spikes.

And so the fight ends.


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