Venaari Anqirith

More commonly known as Riii, she is rather small for an eladrin, with an even smaller fuse to boot. Her natural hair color is a vibrant amber, though she possesses an enchanted brush which changes the color on any given day if she uses it. As a warlock with mostly fire-based powers, she does love the warm colors so she frequently cycles through those. Her hair falls long just below her shoulders. She does not braid it but sometimes she will allow Chaedi to do so.

When she’s concentrating particularly hard or if her emotions are strong / intense, somtimes a thin, fiery tiara will appear around her head.

She’s missing her left eye (thanks to Vecna) and but it currently holds a gem that helps with awareness. Her natural eye color is a dark green, with dancing fire reflecting within.

She wears an amulet around her neck (resting just below her collarbone), containing the essence of the archfey Moreth. This amulet cannot be removed from her body and it serves to regulate her temperature.

She wears sleek leather armor with a hint of cleavage (always useful for distracting and disarming others) and most notably there is a Curse-Eye tattoo just above it, which glows everytime she places her warlock’s curse on an enemy. She wields a simple iron staff, nothing too flashy in design, but it functions to help protect against any psychic attacks for her and her team.

She’s temperamental and flighty, fancies herself to be elegantly powerful but mostly just comes across as a maniacal witch. She can be rather vain. Probably the best word to describe her is obnoxious

She has a sharp tongue and can be rather offensive and brash, though to her friends she remains loyal (if a little condescending).


Moreth was an eladrin Archfey king who was betrayed by his queen and fled as a mote/spark, surviving through various hearths and fires. He grew a little stronger as he recovered but he needed a host for revenge. When he came upon Riii, at the brink of death a long time ago, she made a pact — she exchanged her memories for her life while he recovered, dormant and safe within her. For awhile she wandered with the rest of the team not knowing who she used to be and how she got her powers, but eventually Moreth grew strong enough and possessed her. There was a battle, but the rest of the party managed to defeat him, restoring Riii to herself.

Riii, afraid of losing control again, was hostile first to Moreth, but eventually she learned how to better control her powers and they currently coexist peacefully.


Riii met Chaedi and Bright in the small town of Tinderwood, her memory still fragmented, and her temper even more so. All she knew about herself was that her name was Riii, she has a small amulet that she can never take off — her body grows unbearably cold without it. Not having anywhere else to go, she joined them on their adventures.

If it were not for Chaedi’s continued kindness and patience, Riii would have undoubtedly been kicked out long ago, as the party initially did not get along well. Along with her memory, it seemed her sanity and morals had temporarily left as well (or perhaps her capacity for caring of such things). However, as time went on Riii began to learn to fight in a team, to watch each other’s backs. Her caustic nature soon expanded to “us vs them” and she can be very protective of what she considers “us”.


Current Party Members

  • Chaedi: Possibly Riii’s favourite person in the world. There is only a little bit of envy; where Chaedi has a heart big enough to care for the entire cosmoverse (yes, even the undead), Riii sometimes examines her own and finds it lacking in comparison. It only makes her feel a little bad. Mostly that goes away very quickly when she realizes how tiresome it can be to just… care about so many things. She drives Riii to exasperation sometimes when she decides to forego her own health and sanity in favour of others, but as the recipient of that care, Riii owes Chaedi a ton. Riii would gladly set a lot of shit on fire for Chaedi.
  • Bright: Riii’s favourite person in the world to tease. It’s a hobby of hers to get under people’s skin, and Bright’s skin is the easiest to get under. She absolutely loves his flabbergasted reactions (though lately they’ve just become more and more resigned). Either way, teasing Bright (and Chaedi) is enough to brighten Riii’s day.
  • Lo-Kag: Riii was hesitant around Lo-Kag at first, assuming he’d be a rather strict/firm character with no sense of humour… now, however, she enjoys his wit and his magnified ability to intimidate. Her favourite drinking buddy, she recognizes his skill in combat & his rather showy powers. It also helps that he’s there to punt things around while she fires at them from afar!
  • Tayschrenn: Too much naivety going on here for Riii. It annoys her greatly, more so because he’s just so…. so…. academic about magic and things. There is skill there, no doubt, and she can appreciate that, but he’s got to be way more street smart to survive in this world. Which, of course, is why she can sometimes be rather unpleasant to him, in the misguided hope of helping that sort of thing along…


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