Lovable youthful idiot.


Tayschrenn is a 16-year-old eladrin Wizard of the Spiral Tower. He stands six feet tall and weights about 75 kilograms. He carries a long-sword in a scabbard which he keeps at his back. He is dressed in loose-fitting, elegant robes which are tailored to allow for unhindered swordplay.


Background: Tayschrenn’s earliest memory is of living in the streets of the city over which the Spring Court claimed rule. One day he was picked up by agents of the Spring Court and brought into the Spiral Tower. He spent the next years of his life (possibly 13 years or so) under strict instruction which culminated in his becoming a Wizard of the Spiral Tower, one of the supposed chosen of Corellon, and inducted into service under the Spring Court as an operative protecting the courts interests and carrying out its will. His first assignment involved the capture of enemies of the court. His allegiance to the Spring Court did not survive the mission. Perhaps it was because the Spiral Tower program was in its infancy and the indoctrination was not done well enough, or perhaps it was because of books he read which should not have been in the tower in the first place, or perhaps it was because Tayschrenn simply isn’t a killer at heart. Gathering intelligence on the targets quickly revealed people who acted selflessly and heroically. A notion which was further accentuated by their showing of mercy upon besting his own group. After a trial and some divine intervention, Tayschrenn was given a choice to join this group, which he gratefully accepted.

Riii: Impulsive and brash, Riii at times reminds Tayschrenn of Quellana and as such has found that getting along with her isn’t difficult, its almost natural. The snide remarks and teasing are annoying but endearing if a bit saddening since they bring memories of a once comrade whose falling out is still fresh in his mind.

Lo-Kag: Imagine a hulking, mountainous humanoid monster smashes your (evil) unicorn’s head in with a war-hammer, then turns around and casually lets you know that by reconsidering your life choices, one day you too could be as cool as he is. Tayschrenn admires Lo-Kag, both as the imposing brutish hero from a thousand epic tales and as the wise goliath who seems to (in Tayschrenn’s eyes at least) know himself and what he believes.

Bright: To Tayschrenn’s mind, there were many people like Bright in the Spiral Tower. Quiet, skittish, finding foreign situations so uncomfortable that a drive to familiarity manifests itself as a dominant personality trait. Tayschrenn found being friends with these people easy, much as he is finding being friends with Bright easy. It should be said however that Tayschrenn’s favorite trait about Bright is Dagger.

Chaedi: Chaedi(ness?) was the one thing which the Spiral Tower didn’t have. By the time the mind of those in the tower was old enough to make character judgements, kindness had been replaced by ruthlessness. Seeing someone who is as good as advertised has left an impression on Tayschrenn. Maybe every time Briviev told him that mercy was weakness and that kindness would get him killed, maybe she was wrong… after all, Chaedi seems to be doing great…


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