enemy within the gates - Riii Bluebook Session 10

There’s always been someone who disagreed with her actions, her words.

“Will you stop antagonizing the people we are trying to help?”

She thought she’d gotten used to it by now.

“Can you please stop setting shit on fire.”

That she was trusted.

“You’re dangerous to everyone around you!”

That they knew she cared, even though she hated to show it.

“Riii… Put. Your staff. Down.”

Lo-Kag stands before her, unflinching, shifting as he broadens his stance. She’s fought with him long and well enough to know that he’s about to charge her, as soon as she moves a muscle.

The thought scrapes against her mind, like nails on a board, and an unruly hatred bubbles up indignantly — how dare he question her? The lout has no magical sense whatsoever and he’s just going to ignore her warnings?

She’s furious, so furious, her willpower almost in overdrive as Moreth grows in her, adding fuel to the fire in her heart. Crackle, pop, snap – like a dry twig, spark of a flint, her temper goes up and up and up, and there is something seriously wrong with her if she doesn’t care that she’ll have to fire through Lo-Kag to stun a bitch and how can you bring yourself to care with that much power at your fingertips?

His voice bleeds into her own internal thoughts before she knows it, and now she’s terrified, vindicated, excited; it’s chaos and she loves it, hates the way Lo-Kag is looking at her, faltering at the distrust in his eyes, puffing up at the determination in his eyes. Chaedi’s wary, concerned look, her eyes dull and sad – she deserves it, for caring too much, for being weak she’s going to break Chaedi once again, pile more regrets on her slim shoulders. Tayschrenn, bright-eyed boy, staring between them, sword pointed uncertainly at her. He’s ready to counter her fire with cold, cold, ice but she’s not going to fire back, he doesn’t know, doesn’t understand that she’s ready for him, no paltry wizard cantrip could face the might of her fire and smoke…

No, but that’s not right… Tayschrenn wouldn’t hurt her, he’s got – his trained senses can surely detect some magic from the elven liars. But is there time to demand that he try? That bitch could have a knife, and Bright was the closest. A sudden urge to protect flares up, even though Bright is more than capable of defending himself. She looks at him, and he’s got his daggers out, ready, but not towards her. His whole being focuses on the cowering piece of shit on the floor. He’s the only one who believes me, she realizes, and that thought throws her off. Feeling giddy, she lowers her staff and barks at them to check the elf if they don’t believe her.

She wrestles Moreth back into the corner of her mind, then proceeds to unmask the traitors, and incredulously, plead for their fucking lives.

No matter how much she stresses that it’s only temporary, no one but Lo-Kag (who didn’t trust her in the first place) seems to believe that she wants them dead too, and the distrust and anger radiating from Bright leaves her cold. Chaedi goes after him, and she almost snarls at that, because of course in the hierarchy of party, between Riii and Bright, Chaedi’s never taken her side. Not even, it seems, when it comes to the topic of whether or not he should kill her parents.

These thoughts consume her as they travel further down into the Feydark, hovering near the back of the party, half a mind to yell her frustration or just leave and let them be.

They never liked you anyway, she hears a sinister whisper, so they all deserve to burn… right?

She stops moving suddenly, nearly colliding into Tayschrenn. There’s a giant fucking wall pulsing, just ahead of her, that reminds her oddly of …

I am the only one who will be with you forever…

The ORB THAT’S A FUCKING ORB are you FUCKING KIDDING ME she screams at Moreth internally, and he chuckles, ready to lend her more of his power.

[He notices that she didn’t refute him, however. A chink in her mental armor, he thinks, and he’ll circle back to it soon, inevitably…]

enemy within the gates - Riii Bluebook Session 10

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