no greater punishment -- Riii Bluebook Session 75

*NOTE: This scene happens immediately after war, beloved

She remains curled, under the covers, but much calmer. There’s a long line of heat along her back, and it’s soothing. It reminds her of some women she’s seen in her travels, a baby strapped to their backs while they carry in the harvest —

Do you even have a romantic bone in your body? He demands, sniffing. This is called being intimate. How dare you compare what I’m doing to a – a clinging child!

She snorts, at that.

Even when we fuck I don’t have a romantic bone in my body, she jeers back at him and then yelps at the sudden nip to the back of her neck.

I’ll have you know I’m considered very romantic, he protests. There was the time where I —

She imagines a whole tub of ice cold water and dumps it on him.

I don’t want to hear about how you romanced her, thanks.

Instead of him spluttering in indignation, as she had expected, she feels him grow incredibly smug.

Why, my dear — jealous, are we? He purrs, and she hates him. But he’s not wrong.

Unwilling to communicate in words anymore, she just exhales and emits various thoughts and feelings at him.

he is a king and he has ruled for millenia, he’s had everyone, anyone, whichever way he wanted he has knowledge at his fingertips he’s had power unimaginable, only just less than a god – he can be diplomatic, he just never chooses to, but he can be, and he is history, in books and lore and everything and he is royalty —

she is merely a host.

and an unromantic one, to boot.

Don’t think that way, my dear, he chides her. You know well as I do that you are not just a host.

She sniffs, but subsides. No, she’s not pouting.

There is no greater punishment you can do yourself than to be envious of what you do not have, my darling. He pauses, searching for the words. You do yourself very little credit, thinking this way. I cannot help what I know, having lived for so long. You have only walked this plane for a mere 55 years.

Together we will grow, and you need no longer be envious.

She blinks, touched by his pride and belief in her.

Alright, she finally says grudgingly, and then gasps as he starts paying closer – attention – I guess you are pretty romantic, after all.

no greater punishment -- Riii Bluebook Session 75

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