no return --- AU Intermission Bluebook Session 75

Prompt: (Bright and Riii fight to the death in the AU where Moreth took power for just a bit too long)

You fight so hard for control. It’s one of the things no one understands, and it’s no fault of theirs – you have never tried to get them to understand. Everyone’s learned to either get in your way or get out of your way.

You fight for it, because for the longest time it was going through the motions, going through everyday life with nothing but a blankness in the head, a lot of irrepressible anger, and just … failure.

No one understands. When you fight for it, and you lose each time –

Eventually, you get tired.

You get tired of fighting and you cede control. You tell yourself that it no longer matters if you can trust him or not.

You tell yourself it’s not such a long way down.

We are deeply familiar with this feeling. This bottomless well of despair, full to the brim with self-indulgence, the battery behind our rage and our fire. This is what we draw from. This is all we need. This is what they deserve, all of them, after what they did to us –

This is –

(this is madness)

This is freedom

this is justice righteous power magnificent you’ll soon see this is us this is us and look at us we can do anything

(there is no returning from this. your last thought is that it’s a good thing your mind isn’t the only thing that is weak.

your actual last thought is that you’re sorry, you’re so goddamn sorry)

See, the thing about being as old as time itself is that a) you know your limits and b) you’ve done it all, seen it all, and with all this knowledge at hand you sure know exactly the right course of action. Right in the most relative sense, of course. The right course of action to produce desired results.

So okay maybe being murdered was a new experience the first time around, but who wants to sit around crying about it when you can just snap your fingers (like that, right there) and things go up in flames? Wallowing in defeat is a bad habit for anyone, much less the main protagonist of the story and it’s just boring and doesn’t contribute to any meaningful growth. Get up and do something, right? Snap out of it, they say – this shouldn’t be as funny as it sounds, but hey, second time’s the charm to get these idiots to stop throwing themselves at you. Secondary purpose to protect your precious self, of course.

You feel a sharp pain in your right leg, interrupting your happiness. It takes a little bit for your brain to identify this feeling as – pause, check, yes that’s incredulity – you can fly, who needs legs?

You look into the eyes of the one who threw the dagger – sometimes magic really is annoying, it’s now back in his hand and he is advancing.

You are his prey. This one, the quiet, simple assassin, may be your downfall.

In his eyes is only a promise made to a foolish woman, a sentence he intends to carry out, fuck the consequences. He was the perfect person to ask, oh my dear, you did well but not well enough.

You inhale deeply as he springs, it’s now or never, use it or lose it and yes, push everything outwards, it’s glorious, like nothing you’ve felt before —

(too much, you’ve pushed too much)

(this body is weak, it’s always been weak)

(you broke her)

You are a king and you do not yield.

(she’s gone, snuffed out.)

The dagger is at your throat. You smile, and it only strengthens his purpose, because he can see it’s not her smile, there is no trace of the woman he knows in this body, he will not regret, he will bear the brunt of the party’s anger, we do not kill friends

what a foolish notion.

You smile because this is not how you kill an archfey and these people will not live long enough to learn how.

You can’t believe you thought he was your downfall.

He freezes, his weapon arm bound by the flower girl’s will. There it is, the horror rising, the despair setting in.

“I made a promise!” he yells, desperately.


You laugh at the irony of it all.

No, she’s always been their downfall.

He may be a tiefling, but he can still burn.

The only thing protecting them from you is gone now.

no return --- AU Intermission Bluebook Session 75

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