visions of glory -- Intermission Bluebook

how does riii picture the fight against tiandra? i know weve discussed it, but when she pictures it what does she picture

Eladrin do not sleep.

This is a fact well-known, but there are certain things that come with it, somewhat taken for granted.

For if you do not sleep, then you do not dream, no?

But still we use those words, in any given tongue – dreams. We dream of what we want; we harbor selfish, cruel, glorious dreams. We picture, we imagine, we desire.

We are special, of course. Safe within our minds, we indulge. Pleasures of the flesh, of the mind, those are all very well and done, and we keep each other satiated. We lay out a different scene, different paths we follow, and we reshape the world within our waking dream.

We march with glory, our loyal followers close behind. Other neutral parties may choose to abstain – oh but they will get their dues, as well. For now, we allow this.

She has no aid coming for her.

We drive that dagger into her heart, and we twist it slowly. We savor her choked gasps, we push it in deep, inch by inch. We are delighted, and we are finally owed justice. We lift the crown off her lolling, lifeless head, and we burn it. We deserve better, after all.

It is a glorious dream. Wishful, perhaps.

In our dreams, friends do not try to stop us.

visions of glory -- Intermission Bluebook

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